Cooperation project between the Pediatric Surgery Section at the Ludwigsburg Clinic and the Oshakati Intermediary Hospital in northern Namibia

In this project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Pediatric Surgery Department at the University Hospital in Windhoek, the focus is even more on the training of prospective surgeons in the field of pediatric surgery. To this end, the plan is to invite regional and supra-regional colleagues in specialist training and in surgical work to perform the necessary pediatric surgical operations in northern Nambia together with them. In doing so, they can be introduced to pediatric surgical procedures of varying complexity in a very practical way.

The close cooperation with the pediatric surgery department in Windhoek ensures good follow-up care.

This concept was successfully implemented during the first mission in February 2023.

It showed that these missions can help to significantly increase the number of pediatric surgical interventions in northern Namibia and thus also improve care.

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