Pediatric surgery in Africa is a charitable organisation with the vision to improve pedatric surgical care in african countries

We are engaged in pediatric medicine as surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses, and work to train medical staff in african countries and in treating pediatric surgical patients…learn more


We support different projects on site, and several times per year we run outreach projects, operating on chidren and training surgeons and nurses. During these outreaches we perform as many operations as possible.

In addition, we try to improve the setting of the hospitals. Part of this is our solar project… learn more


In many parts of the world, medical care care can still not be taken for granted.

Wheras in Germany, we have 43 doctors per 10 000 inhabitants, in the african country of Benin for example, it is a lot less: There are 0,6 doctors per 10 000 inhabitants.

In spite of large advances in medical training, transmission of pediatric surgical knowledge is still in its early stages, and the chances for children born with malformations to take part in normal live… learn more

Here we present you a short video with visual information of our goal as an association

Solar project for Bembèrèkè Hospital

During our missions in the past, we were regularly hindered in our work by frequent power interruptions. In addition the recent surges in energy prices put a heavy strain on the hospital budget. Therefore, we decided to look into the feasibility of a solar project for critical parts of the hospital, mainly the operation theatre, and the neonatal and pedatric unit.

Specifically our pediatric surgical patients are in critical need for a stable supply of electricity, so that we may safely perform surgery.

Although the power cuts are often of short duration, the associated power surges are very damaging for electromedical appliances, So, many devices fail after only 1-2 years, and the local technician is rarely able to repair them.

During power cuts, the hospital generator needs to supply the energy, which is getting more costly… learn more

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Treatment samples

Maimunata was born with a cleft lip, and didn’t get an operation up to adolescence.

This means that she couldn’t take part in the social life of her community.

Therefore she is now very glad about her new face.

Here you will see more treatment samples!

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