During our work at the hospital in Bembèrèkè, we witnessed the power failures on a daily basis.

A stable power supply is extremely important for our pediatric surgery patients in particular, especially during operations, in order to enable us to work safely in all situations.

Even if the power outings often last only for a short time, they are always associated with voltage peaks that are very damaging to the electromedical devices. As a result, many devices are no longer operational after 1-2 years and cannot be repaired by the technician there.

During outages, the hospital’s own diesel generator has to take over the power supply, and over 95% of the mains electricity is also generated from fossil fuels. In the current situation, this leads to a constant increase in energy costs for the hospital. This cost increase has to be passed on to the patients, which means that treatment costs rise.

The conditions for a solar power system are ideal. The proximity to the equator leads to a very high level of solar radiation, so that even when the sky is overcast, a solar system can still be expected to perform well. With energy storage, a very stable power supply can be guaranteed, which on the one hand protects the devices and on the other hand greatly reduces energy costs. This in turn benefits patients through better treatment and lower treatment costs.

We have therefore decided to launch a solar project together with other partners with the aim of initially supplying some critical areas such as the operating theater, neonatal ward and children’s ward with solar power. If the experience is positive, this will then be extended to the entire hospital.

Our partners for this project are currently an engineer with extensive experience in operating solar systems in Africa, the company BEGECA, and the Liweitari association, which supports a training center in northern Benin. Both the planning and the implementation of the project are to be carried out in cooperation with this training center, in particular its electricians, so that maintenance by trained local craftsmen is also ensured later on.

The project is currently in the implementation phase and both sub-projects, the operating theater wing as well as the Pedaitric and neonatal wards, has already been financed thanks to the kind support of our partners mentioned in the attached document as well as some private donors. The hardware is actually beeing shipped to Benin, and we hope to install it by April 2024.

Donations are still very welcome and should be marked “Photovoltaic system”. In addition to installing the photovoltaic system, the association Kinderchirurgie in Afrika e.V. is also planning to optimize the main electricity consumers in the hospital in order to save energy.

All our sponsors for this project can be seen in the attached project description ( in German)

Our account details:
IBAN: DE79 6005 0101 0405 2379 59

In April 2024, the system was installed, put into operation and handed over to the hospital. The Liweitari training center installed the system and is responsible for maintenance for a further 2 years.

Our partner Uwe Buchwitz supervised and accompanied the installation and set up the system, and will continue to monitor function and optimization remotely. Many thanks, Uwe!

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